Guest Reviews

We’re so pleased that most of our guests leave reviews on whichever service they booked on. We can’t ask them to also post here on our site. It’s up to us to re-post here, and we’re woefully remiss in updating this page. So please check out the other sites:
Reviews on HomeAway / VRBO
Reviews on TripAdvisor / FlipKey
Reviews on Airbnb

Leave a comment on your experience at Valley Vista Cabin.

Past Guests:

      Please tell us about your experience by responding to our

            Evaluation Questionnaire

                  and/or just leave a comment

                        and/or Like/Follow Rainbow Views on Facebook


One Response to “Guest Reviews”

  1. The Santhanams & Friends   Valley Vista Cabin 11/20/2016 at 12:26 #

    Dear Chris & Steve
    Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful mountain retreat here. It is rare to find southern hospitality at work to the degree y’all have here, but it felt as if we were visiting family! Thank you. And we appreciated how thoughtful and organized you were about maintaining the place. No detail was overlooked!
    We’ve been staying at cabins in this area for years, but after this weekend we have found our newly-established favorite. No contest! We know where we’re staying next time!
    Thank you again!
    All our best


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