IN-HOUSE add-on options:

MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) Introduction Session

Engage Greg Pollock, INTP, Certified MBTI® facilitator for a personality type presentation for you and/or your group
   ~ introduction to Carl Jung’s personality theory
   ~ take the MBTI® assessment
   ~ self-validate your type
   ~ potential to explore type dynamics and temperament
      (more in-depth analysis if you have the time & interest)
   ~ begin the forevermore and endlessly amazing adventure of witnessing
     and orchestrating how psychological type plays out in your life
     and the lives of those around you

“The fundamental gift of typology is better self-management through heightened self-awareness.” – Otto Kroeger

Certified Massage Therapist

We used to have a masseuse who would come to the cabin. Unfortunately she no longer makes house calls. We’re hoping to find someone else.

Engage a limo for a winery tour:
   Reston Limo
   Fairfax Limo
   Presidential Limo
   Point To Point Limo
   Choice Limo
   Chariots For Hire
   Majestic Limo