Guest Response Form

Help us prepare for your arrival:

    Some things to consider:
    Arrival / Departure?
    Hot tub temp?

Are you celebrating a special occasion?
(We’d like to leave an appropriate greeting card.)

Would you like Farm-Fresh Free=Range Eggs?
(Provided by The Woodland Farmers $4/dozen)
They’ll be on hand for you in refrigerator upon arrival.
Leave payment  (cash or check only)  in cabin upon departure.


Let us know if you’d like Early Check-in or Late Check-out.

Regular check-in is anytime after 4.  Regular check-out is by 11.
Variations may be possible if surrounding bookings allow:
Requests for deviations must be made at least 3 days in advance
and if we can accommodate them, we will confirm so 2 days in advance.*

For instance: we cannot confirm an early check-in 2 weeks in advance,   (as the prior night may still get booked);
nor can you request a late check-out the night before,   (as cleaning will have already been scheduled).
In between check-out and check-in we have to schedule a 5 hour cleaning and prepping of an entire house, which is not something that can be easily shuffled around on the fly.

*Early Check-in consideration:
(If the night prior is booked, once they check-out at 11 and we can assess the situation, we can let you know when you can arrive.)
Bear in mind that when you ask for an early check-in what you’re actually asking is for us to cut corners and maybe not clean as well as we normally will – not “put our best foot forward”. And so then when you don’t show up til regular check-in time anyway, we’re left feeling like we’ve shortchanged you. (And interestingly we’ve observed over the years that the vast majority of folks who request early check-ins end up arriving way AFTER regular check-in time. This leaves us to wonder if maybe it’s a jinx to ask. 🙂 ) But with all that being said, we’re glad to try to accommodate your schedule the best that we can.

Let us know how you’d like us to pre-set the

(Unless you specify otherwise, you will find it at 104°. Then depending on the outside temperature, it may take a long time to cool down – with the cover off and bugs & leaves falling in.)
Bear in mind we’re talking about 300-400 gallons of water here: if it’s cold outside, it’s not going to heat up very fast / if it’s hot outside, it’s not going to cool down very fast. And since our typical guest stay is only 2 days (that’s a mere 27 waking hours), we offer this option so that you can make the most of your getaway time.

Let us know how you’d like the

(We have this crazy notion that folks come to the wilderness to appreciate viewing Nature out the windows. However, despite the fact that there are no Peeping Toms on the mountain, we find that 95% of city folk close the place up like a cave. Hence the question – so we won’t waste our time opening them all for you if you’re just going to close them again.)

In case we need to contact you enroute or during your stay, what’s your preferred

In order for us to better prepare the property for your outdoor interests:   (check all that apply)

When outside:

         (40′ at Valley Vista / 15′ across the deck at Rainbow View)

         (pit & cauldron at Valley Vista / cauldron on deck at Rainbow View)

         (only at Valley Vista – croquet, badminton, horseshoes, cornhole)

The mountain is home to all sorts of critters, and you may see deer, possom, fox, racoon, bear, turkey, snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs & toads wondering about.

If you’re staying at either cabin you may get a visit from Scooter, the neighborhood friendly deer. If you’re staying at Valley Vista Cabin, we live close enough that when he shows up at our place, we may be able to walk him over to meet you.

Let us know if we can assist in your plans?
Would you like any suggestions / locals’ hints / inside scoops?

Thanks!   We’re looking forward to hosting you.

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