(Vacation home built in 1971 & now fully renovated for tourist getaways.)
Since 2012 featuring:


  •    2 Bedrooms (1 queen & 1 double)
    (County designated occupancy limit 4 / couch is only 5 ½ feet)
  •    Fireplace  (Duraflame logs provided) *
  •    Central Air
  •    Xfinity cable TV & high speed internet / wi-fi
  •    38″ LCD TV with Xfinity cable, Netflix, Roku, & DVD/VHS Player
  •    Fully equipped Kitchen
    • range/oven
    • microwave
    • dishwasher
    • refrigerator/freezer with ice-maker
    • coffee maker (standard drip – not Keurig)
    • coffee grinder
    • toaster
    • blender
    • mixer
    • popcorn maker (air popper – no oil needed)
    • George Foreman
    • pots/pans/utensils
    • complete place settings (dishes, glassware, cutlery)
  •    CD Player
  •    Phone
  •    Laundry (washer / dryer)
  •    Assorted Games
  •    Linens & towels furnished –
    – you bring only clothes, personal toiletries & food
    (& you pass a farmers’ market on the way – just down the hill!)
* Use of fireplace is for ambience only – It is not an efficient heat source. Since the central air thermostat is only 8 feet from the fireplace, the longer the fireplace is used, the colder the bedrooms will become. The fireplace is designed only for burning Duraflame-type logs, and only one at a time. During cold weather, enough logs are furnished for at least a 3 hour burn on each day of your stay. For longer burnings than that the convenience store at the bottom of the mountain carries them. (Due to past issues, burning regular wood is allowed only in the cauldron on the deck. Filling the cabin with smoke may result in your security deposit being withheld.)


  •    Large Deck
  •    Hot Tub *
  •    Gas Grill
  •    Charcoal Grill
  •    Fire Cauldron
        (annual outdoor burning ban between midnight & 4:00 PM
        in effect from 2/15 – 4/30)
  •    Hammock
  •    Lot bordering 1200 acre wilderness
  •    Long driveway / ample parking
  •    Woodland Garden
  •    Access to 3 community lakes & Shenandoah River
  •    Horseshoes (toss pits coming soon)
  •    (Badminton, Croquet available)
  •    (Inner Tubes for River Floating available if the other cabin hasn’t
        grabbed them first
  •    Snow Sleds
* The hot tub will be locked when you arrive. If you plan on using it, we’ll first need to come give your group an orientation. We’d prefer to do this as soon as possible after you arrive (and ideally before dark). Decide on a time that’s convenient for your group to assemble out at the hot tub and let us know – text or call 540 660-5467.
(It’s a state-of-the-art salt system – probably different than any hot tub you’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t allow the use of de-foaming agents like a normal hot tub. Any residual laundry soap in swim suits causes it to foam up like a bubblebath with suds two feet high, so you must run your swim suits through an extra rinse cycle prior to entering the tub, because once the soap is in there, the only way we can remove it is to drain out the 350 gallons of water and refill. Due to past issues, leaving the tub full of foam may result in your security deposit being withheld.)