Atop the Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking the magnificent Shenandoah Valley.

Only 60 miles from the DC Beltway. Just east of Front Royal.

(It’s 9 miles from the cabins to town, but we have several convenience stores in our little village of Linden.)

The last mile to Rainbow View Cabin or 1.5 miles to Valley Vista Cabin is a private gravel road, which the County taxes us extra for maintaining and they do a very nice job.   Observe for yourself:

Turning off the State highway, the first 1/3 mile stretch to the bottom of the steep hill is “chip & tar” paved, where it then becomes hard-packed gravel.

Winter Advisory: 4 wheel drive or chains may at times be necessary. The County plows when snow depth reaches 4 inches if not sooner. (With 2 wheel drive you may have to park in the County lot just off the paved State road and have us shuttle you in the last mile of gravel road.) (We usually have no trouble with our Subarus.)   

GPS is not always reliable up here through the trees. And though they’ve all improved over the years, some services can still misroute you via non-existant roads.
Both cabins are searchable on Google Maps.
Once your reservation is confirmed, you’ll be provided with the password to access more specific directions to Rainbow View Cabin or Valley Vista Cabin.


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