Most of this information is available elsewhere around the web site, but here are the questions that we get most often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of coffee maker is there?
A: It’s a regular drip type – not a keurig type. Filters are provided at RVC / not necessary at VVC. There is also a grinder (and we try to leave some beans there but we’re not promising).

Q: Will the hot tub be operational during our stay?
A: Yes, it is available year round.

Q: How many stairs are there?
A: From parking to front door there are 6 at RVC / 12 at VVC. Inside RVC has none / VVC has 14 to the lower level master bedroom, and 1 between the great room and dining room.

Q: How are the roads?
A: The last mile to RVC / 1.5 mile to VVC is gravel. We pay the County a special assessment to maintain our roads. They are generally fine for 2WD vehicles. Depending on recent weather they can be a bit potholed, bumpy, or muddy; but nothing a slow moving vehicle can’t navigate (the speed limit is 15mph). In winter we say that 4WD is necessary because Nature is fickle on the mountain and what may be just rain in the lowlands can be ice up here and can linger for days. (In our 30 years up here we’ve only ever gotten stuck 2 or 3 times.) In the very rare event that the roads are impassable even for 4WD, you may use your credit to re-book for a later date or receive a refund.

Q: What about snow?
A: Sleds are provided. (But that’s not what you meant, was it?)
The County is really quick about plowing our roads. We have a fellow on the mountain who plows the driveways. Shovels and pet-friendly rock salt are provided, and if you like, we can come shovel out the walkways as soon as we get ourselves shoveled out.

Q: Is charcoal provided?
A: Officially no, but there is almost always a good supply left by prior guests. The convenience store at the bottom of the mountain (4 mi.) carries more.

Q: Is propane provided?
A: Yes. If the tank runs out during your stay, we’re only minutes away and have refills ready to install.

Q: Is firewood provided?
A: Yes, plenty (However depending on recent weather, the supply of dry kindling may be depleted.)
Only Duraflame type logs may be burned in the fireplace at RVC. Enough are provided for at least a 3 hour burn each night of your stay. The convenience store at the bottom of the mountain (4 mi.) carries more. (Be aware that the fireplace is for ambience only – it is not an efficient source of heat as the longer it is used, the colder the bedrooms will become.)

Q: Are linens and towels provided?
A: Yes. (Even beach towels for the hot tub.)

Q: Are any spices provided?
A: Officially only sugar, salt & pepper. There is generally a good assortment of other spices, but we don’t routinely inventory them.

Q: Can we bring our motorcycles?
A: We don’t mind. But be advised that even though residents up here have them, many of our guests who have brought them complain about the roads. It has more to do with your expertise and comfort level than it does with our ability to advise yes or no.

Q: Can we bring our RV?
A: Probably not. Maneuvering it into the driveways would be too challenging and parking on the road is not an option. If you have a car in tow, there is a large County parking lot at the entrance to the community 1 or 1.5 mi from the cabins. We assume it would be safe there as we’ve never heard of any incidents, but it is not patrolled or monitored and we can’t be responsible.

Q: Is an in-house massage available?
A: Sadly no longer. Cheryl Ann has stopped doing house calls. We’re on the lookout for another massage therapist who will come up the mountain.

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